Asexual Reproduction

The 5 phases of mitosis are points at which "we stop the clock" when there are significant changes in the cell.

Remember there are differences...
Animals cells have centrioles
Plant cells have a cell plate
(The new cell wall...This increases surface area for the cells)

Phase 1: Interphase the chromosomes replicate

Phase 2: Prophase the nuclear memebrane disintergrates and the spindle is formed

Phase 3:Metaphase the chromosomes line up on the equatorial plate of cell

Phase 4: Anaphase the centrioles will separate in animal cells. The chromatids are pulled apart

Phase 5: Telophase cytokinesis occurs (cytoplasm divides) and two new nuclei are formed

The result is two new daughter cells that are genetically identical to the orginal parent cell.

Don't be fooled...The only time an organism uses mieosis is to produce a sex cell (gamete).

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Why is mieosis called a reduction division?