Lipids or Fats

Fats Are used for stored energy and a structural component of cell membrane. (biphospholipid).
Fats can be saturated or unsaturated.

Constructed of a glycerol "backbone" and 3 fatty acid chains, they resemble the letter"E"

They can be a saturated fat (no C=C) or a mono or poly unsaturated fat (with carbon to carbon double bonds C=C) in the fatty acid chains.

Saturated means that the fatty acid chains are completely filled with Hydrogen ions.

Unsaturated fats (C=C) are not filled with Hydrogen ions and not as structurally or chemically stable. They are floppy with a greater surface area.

Lipids can be synthesized (made) or hydrolyzed (digested). The liver is associated with much lipid metabolism.

Most animal fats are saturated. Most plant fats are unsaturated. Exceptions are palm, date and coconut oils.

Oils are lipids in liquid form. Bile emulsifies fats, breaking lipids into small pieces, an example of a physical change. Similar to way dish detergent works in the sink.

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