Anatomical Direction

Anatomical Direction Quiz
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How do animals move? Is it just forward and reverse? Anatomical direction describes the direction an animal moves, and where particular body parts are.

It is vital that you know the difference between dorsal and ventral.

It is also just as important to know the difference between anterior and posterior

Remember the fin of the shark that sticks out of the water is the dorsal fin - the one on it's back.

Anatomical Direction Examples

The head is Anterior to the front feet.
The shell is Dorsal to the stomach.

Open Ended Question

Decribe the location of the earthworms' brain in relation to it's nerve cord and aortic arches

Anatomical Direction Quiz

After you've studied anatomical direction, test your knowledge with the Anatomical Direction Quiz.

Anatomical Direction Pictures

Review different animals and their anatonmical direction below.

Anatomical Direction of a Blue Macaw

Mccaw parrot with labeled anatomical directions - PERMISSION PENDING!!!

Anatomical Direction of a Tortoise

Side view of a turtle with the anatomical directions labeled -

Anatomical Direction of a Sea Lion

Good-looking sea lion with labeled anatomical directions -